such a sexi man!!pic

my darling dear forever....

joseph....what can i say? your just ever so amazing and special and mean everything to me....when your not around i feel so empty and…
xmuffinxloveyx4lifex Nov 23, 2007
the rev chasin a duckkk!vid

the rev chasin a duckkk!

OH WOWY! i wuv him,hes so adorable!
xmuffinxloveyx4lifex Nov 23, 2007
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About Me:

hiya! im KIRSTEN!!!!!!!!!
well crazy in love with gerard way,so if i say im gonna marry him dont get all mad! it makes me feel good to say that. and this is my page so i can say whatever the fuck i want! okay,now that we've got that covered ill telll you about me.... im crazy,i love to laugh,im in love with apple juice,i love music,ive been told im really weird,bcuz its true i guess! well if you wanna kow anythinng else plz just ask k?
thanx 4 wasting time to read this....
bye lovey dears!


emo boys! eating! tv! internet! APPLE JUICE IS THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Music:

atreyu..cute is what we aim for..saosin..hawthorne chemical romance..norma jean..

Favorite Movies:

nightmare before christmas..the spongebob movie..

Favorite TV Shows:

spongebob..dora the explorer..go diego go..blues clues